Jackie Walker and the Jewish Jacket

Jackie Walker and the Jewish Jacket

Jackie walker was vice chair of momentum. In a 2008 interview with The Guardian she claimed her unknown, untraceable father was Jewish. However, in 2016 her own Jewishness made a sudden appearance — at around the same time she was crowdfunding her appeal after being suspended by the Labour Party for antisemitism.

There’s just one issue with her Jewishness — she appears to be a Catholic and so does her mother.

Court documents she presents in her own book (“pilgrim state” 2008) and discusses in her interview with The Guardian, confirm the family being Catholic and also Jackie attending Catholic School.


Her book also says she is a confirmed Catholic, baptised, along with communion and confession. Jewish families don’t baptise their children as Catholic, or practice any other Catholic rituals.


Judaism is a matrilineal religion — it follows the mother (conversions aside). According to Jackie’s book, her mother was given a Catholic funeral — something only available to Catholics, not Jews.


Furthermore, due to the record keeping of slave owners, we can see her maternal line being baptised Methodists all the way back to the 1800’s.



In fact, her book doesn’t mention Jewishness or anything to do with Judaism. Not once.

Appropriating a culture like slipping on a jacket reveals the lengths some go to in order to avoid being castigated for racism — an ‘alibi jew’. It’s a tacticwe see used more frequently. But like all other groups, Jews get to decide the rules of their own identity — Judaism.

Although a Jewish identity does not add weight to antisemitic claims or negate antisemitic comments, we would welcome Jackie Walker proving confirmation of her Jewish faith. Particularly as she presents herself as an authentic Jewish voice, while her comments have caused distress to the majority of the Jewish Community.


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