Neo-Nazi Human Rights Activism

Neo-Nazi Human Rights Activism

Neo-Nazis and other antisemites sometimes pose as activists. It acts as cover for their racism while adding a respectable veneer.

It’s a free pass to spread their racist ideas and harass Jews. Their comments and ideas use tactics straight from the Nazi handbook. Things like:

Holocaust denial, conspiracy theories of Jews running the world, conspiracy theories of Jews being responsible for 9–11, Zionist mind control, using Nazi imagery of a giant Jewish Squid attacking the White House and slapping a Jewish star on photos of people they disagree with.



Step forward @smeggypants — real name Paul Woodlock, a perfect example of this phenomena. No longer labelled racist because he’s on the side of the oppressed.



His racism has been repackaged as politics and human rights.

But Neo-Nazis are not the moral arbitrators of anything. Their raison d’être is Jew hatred.

And don’t fool yourself — it never ends with Jews. So, let’s all stand up to the Paul Woodlocks of this world and call them out for what they are — vicious racists.

Jew Know have prepared a file on Paul Woodlock to pass on to the relevant authorities and will continue to monitor the situation.



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