The Oddest Antisemite

The Oddest Antisemite

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Antisemitism comes in many forms, none odder than our next subject:

Former Labour Party local election candidate Sally Eason, also known as Sally Spangle, who currently tweets as @NeoLilacPill.

(previously @corbynfangirl @2017ismine @twatterosa @shapiroposse @whoreofrome @8thJuneFTW and many more)


She first came to peoples’ attention during the Livingstone antisemitism storm. All reputable historians agreed the evidence showed Livingstone distorting history for his own agenda. Some, like Simon Schama, took to Twitter to explain why.

However, Sally Eason dismissed his input, instead recommending ‘The World’s Story’ by Dan Gold. A book listed under ‘fiction’ featuring crazed conspiracies.



Obviously, it doesn’t look good — a Labour Council candidate using a book of fiction featuring crazed conspiracy theories to deny accusations of antisemitism.

So, when confronted, she labelled those people antisemitic, added the word ‘JEWISH’ in capital letters to her profile and deleted her abusive tweets. She promptly changed her twitter handle, thus avoiding searches.


Unfortunately, her grasp of Judaism, Synagogues and Conversion is loose to say the least. As is her idea of what makes someone Jewish.



She also informs Jews that they aren’t real Jews like she is. But it gets odder still…


She makes lists of Jews she doesn’t agree with, and labels them ‘antisemites’. She also targets Jewish organisations fighting antisemitism and people who she believes are associated with them, labelling them ‘trolls’ without any sense of irony.



She interacts with people who have a history of antisemitism, such as well known hard line antisemite Charles Edward Frith and Grahame Whitehurst.


She is in regular contact with Jackie Walker on Facebook, who also has concerning views about Jews and a questionable Jewish Heritage.

Here you can see them planning an account, designed specifically to delegitimise claims of racism by Jews. It is now active.


If you’ve read this far, then you won’t be shocked to hear her other bizarre antisemitic claims:

  • Jews are trying to ‘take over the Labour Party like a resistant virus’
  • Zionists invented antisemitism to wipe out Yiddish
  • Zionists admired the Nazis but despised Jews
  • ‘most antisemitism’ comes from Israel



Even the Mayor of London gets targeted with an abusive tweet for supporting Israel, bizarrely described as ‘pig-head fucking Nazi paid to pass exam idiots’.


And still it gets curiouser…

she had a run in with Scientology whistle blowers following a concerning episode. This included threats and harassment of national treasure Eric Idle.


Welcome to Sally’s wonderful world, where the veneer of anti-Zionism and reality is paper thin:

Jews are fake Jews, non-Jews are ‘true Torah Jews’, people pointing out antisemitism are antisemites, Fiction is History, Zionists are like Nazis and Eric Idle is a very naughty boy.



Since this article was originally published, her Twitter handle was changed several times; Sally currently tweets as , and numerous other sickening incidents have come to light including:

  • discussing violence towards the chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement
  • taunting a widower over his wife’s death
  • joking about referring to Jews as ‘bars of soap’



We will continue to keep this article updated if necessary.

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