It’s politics, stupid

It’s politics, stupid

Momentum have had quite an impact on the political landscape. For example, Momentum took over Haringey council after purging sitting moderate Labour Councillors and replacing them with hard left candidates. Although they represent the brightest and best momentum have to offer, their quality is questionable.

One of those momentum candidates who was selected over a sitting Councillor and is seeking to get voted in is Charley Allan – he was suspended from the Labour Party and is chair of Crouch End. Allan is a columnist for the Morning Star, a paper with links to the communist party. They provided uncritical support for Assad and parroting of Putin’s propaganda throughout the Syrian war. Labour MPs united in condemning Morning Star after it called the imminent fall of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, a “liberation”.

Charley Allan is a devoted Corbyn supporter and uses his column and social media to show his adulation. Unfortunately this involves twisting himself into all types of knots in order to tow the line.


Defending Fascists

For example, he defends indefensible totalitarian regimes. Here he defends Hamas – something even Corbyn didn’t even do, quite simply because they are a fascist regime that murders gays, opponents and calls for genocide of Jews etc.

Charley Allan says Corbyn supports their most ‘progressive elements’, and anti-racist Bob from Brockley asks who on earth the progressive elements are. But Charley Allen can’t name any whilst insisting that they must exist. This is the type of reasoning that is a feature of Charley ‘lightning’ Allan.

Bob rightly points out fascist regimes like the Nazis and Hamas don’t have progressive wings. However, Charley still insists they are a ‘liberation movement’ despite all the evidence of their activities – corruption, stealing aid and the many human rights abuses they subject their population to.

It’s a clumsy, damaging effort to backup Corbyn.

With friends like these who needs enemies?

But it doesn’t stop there. Another feature of Charley ‘lightening’ Allan is that he won’t back down when proved wrong. He just keeps going and puts the other foot in it. He’s the gift that keeps on giving…

– Charley Allan denies Hamas have genocidal intent to murder Jews, despite their charter stating it.

– Allan then says Hamas confuse Zionism and Judaism despite their charter defining both – and calling for the murder of both.

Proved wrong on all counts by the facts, but still desperate to exonerate Hamas of genocidal antisemitism, he of course blames Israel.

He struggles to keep up with the conversion when told he is ‘all lives matter-ing Hamas’, admitting ‘still don’t understand u’ and that he’s not ‘an expert on Hamas’.

But accessing basic facts about Hamas is simple. The alternative is to keep quiet instead of inventing facts from your imagination in a desperate attempt to support your leader.


Antisemitism Denial

His efforts to make Corbyn’s Labour appear respectable at all costs mean denying any instances of antisemitism.

It also means defending Jeremy Corbyn’s dodgy brother. Piers Corbyn is a climate change denier and conspiracy theorist who re-tweets the BNP activists, white supremacists and speaks at holocaust denying Neo-Nazi events.

He re-tweeted that Jews are conspiring to force Trump into war, like they did with Hitler.

Allan wrote an article for Morning Star about how antisemitism is invented for ‘personal political gain’ but was unable to provide any examples when confronted. He was also unable to explain why McPherson’s principles weren’t extended to the Jewish community (i.e. believing & accepting a minority’s definition of racism).


It wasn’t his first antisemitism denial article. He previously wrote an article that ‘critics of Corbyn’ blur the line between anti-Zionism and antisemitism. In Charley’s world antisemitism is a stick Jews use maliciously to beat Corbyn with. A Jewish conspiracy.

He then goes on to proclaim Muslims to be ‘the new Jews’, stripping away any victim status and passing it on (ironically to those with well documented antisemitism issues in parts of their community).

It’s a new type of supercessionism created specially for Charley’s victimhood Olympics. He found another minority more worthy of his sympathy.

Because if Jews aren’t Jews then antisemitism doesn’t exist.


How Far will Charley Allan go to deny antisemitism?

He denies the holocaust was a purely antisemitic crime, but concedes there was ‘a lot of antisemitism was involved’.

Much like his views on Hamas outlined earlier, he does not actually understand what the ‘holocaust’ is: The systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. Therefore, it can only be antisemitic.


How did Allan end up in this intellectual cul-de-sac of holocaust minimising? By defending Ken Livingstone’s disgusting historical distortions which demonises Jews.

Charley claims ‘Zionist-Nazi collaboration’ himself and says ‘many Nazis were big fans of Zionism’, alongside other lies and distortions designed to put Jews on a par with Nazis.

He even offended the left wing organisation ‘Jewish Voice’.


And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some Charley ‘lightening’ Allan logic…

– Livingstone is not antisemitic because Charley says so (‘cos he’s not’)

– Livingstone defends Nazis but it’s a smear to call him a Nazi apologist

– anti-Semites don’t cause antisemitism, suspending Livingstone causes antisemitism.

– Calling Livingstone a ‘Nazi apologist’ also negatively affects peace in the middle east.

So there you have it – raising antisemitism not only causes antisemitism but also causes international instability.

An inflated version of ‘her skirt was too short’ – victim blaming just for Jews.

The pound shop Trigger

Charley ‘lightening’ Allan often gets taken to task on twitter. If Trigger had a twitter account he could probably embarrass Allan.

Take Charley Allan’s defence of the word ‘zio’ – it was invented by neo-Nazis and white supremacists so they could talk openly about their hatred of Jews. It has since moved on to become a mainstream antisemitic slur. There is no other context.

But Charley Allan defends its usage, stupidly insisting its as inoffensive as saying ‘commie’. Allan says it refers to political identity, an entirely false point which ignores the context, origination and meaning of the word.

Then as usual he digs a deeper hole. In his desperation to form an argument without any coherent logic he argues that word shortening cannot be offensive.

However, like the well known ‘P’ word used by racists to demean people from Pakistan (and other Asians), shortening does not preclude a word from being racist.

His argument was so ridiculous and offensive that even well known parody account @CorbynSnap joined in the mockery.


His lack of judgement is also telling

He was interviewed by Corbyn ally George Galloway. Galloway is a supporter of mass murdering fascist Arab regimes (including Assad), ex-leader of the racist respect party and expelled by Labour for reasons including incitement against british troops. He is banned from speaking by the NUS for being a ‘rape denier’.

Galloway also sent threatening letters demanding libel money over accusations of antisemitism to twitter users through a solicitor who has since been shut down after its boss was convicted of fraud. Galloway was also accused of racism after he refused to debate an Israeli.

He has a show on RT, the propaganda mouthpiece of Putin’s totalitarian regime. RT has 14 warnings from regulator Ofcom for untruthful or biased reporting. And Charley ‘lightning’ Allan thought it was a good idea to appear with this toxic figure on this toxic channel.


We should all feel sorry for the residents of Haringey

They probably had bright, experienced Councillors who had their best interests at heart. Now they will have a hard of thinking, hard left Councillor who makes a twit out of himself on twitter. Good luck getting those bin collection issues sorted.

But we know who’ll probably get the blame for that too…


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