Gary, Gary, Who The Fuck Is Gary?

Gary, Gary, Who The Fuck Is Gary?

Gary Spedding puts himself forward as an expert in antisemitism. Recently he boasted of being included in talks with Jeremy Corbyn and the Jewish Community over antisemitism. However, the Jewish community representatives declined to attend due to Jews being represented by the likes of Gary Spedding. Here’s why:

Gary Spedding is an anti-zionist. Zionism is the concept of Jewish self-determination in their ancestral homeland. Unless you are also active against other countries and other people having self-determination, then anti-zionism is a racist endeavour. It is very rare to find an anti-zionist jew (they are a minuscule percentage of the community) and Gary Spedding is not Jewish, so does not represent any Jews except perhaps a lunatic fringe.

What kind of antisemitism expert is non-Jewish and banned from Israel, the only Jewish state in the world?

Why does he constantly strive to delegitimise the actual lived experience of Jews, and tell us that he knows antisemitism far better than we do? And why does he believe that he, a Christian, is better placed to speak for the Jewish community than its own members?

According to the bio in a recently published  Haaretz article, Gary Spedding, self-describes as a “cross-party advocate and lobbyist on the Israel-Palestine conflict in the UK, Irish and European Parliaments and an applied peace and conflict research practitioner.” A grand description, but…

A quick search of his favoured social media platforms, Facebook, and Twitter reveal something quite different. They show a man almost completely consumed by his seething hatred of the State of Israel, and her people.



Gary Spedding is trying to be the respectable face of racism. He claims to be an ardent campaigner against antisemitism who desires nothing more than peace in the Middle East. However, his words and actions suggest otherwise.  To him, Israel is effectively everything that is wrong in the Middle East. Indeed, it would appear that nothing would make him happier than the dissolution of the State of Israel.

Gary is happy to explain to a Rabbi that he is correct and the rabbi is wrong. According to Gary, he knows more about antisemitism and Zionism than Jews, including experts and the Rabbinate.


His comparison of Zionism to antisemitism is deliberately offensive. His fundamental misunderstanding of the centrality of Zionism to Judaism, whether willfully, or through genuine lack of comprehension, makes him a dangerous racist, NOT, the campaigner against antisemitism that he wishes to portray himself as.

Sickeningly Gary has even gone so far as to attack Holocaust survivors. He actually labels Holocaust survivors as ethnic cleansers. In a similar tweet, he transforms them from ‘refugees’ to ‘colonialists’…


This is Gary talking about Jews who had the temerity to survive the Holocaust. Their faith, effectively the only thing they had left from their former lives, was the main issue, according to Spedding. He also regularly attempts to rewrite the history of this time to suit his own narrative.


Gary’s loose grasp of history and words are hardly those of a credible, unbiased peace negotiator, or indeed anyone even vaguely engaged with reality.

Gary is, however, not your archetypal peace negotiator. It was antagonising people and instigating conflict that first brought Gary to the public’s attention …

In his first year at Queens University Belfast, Gary set up a Palestine Solidarity Society. But instead of campaigning for the rights and well-being of Palestinians, it was used to attack the State of Israel and as a convenient vehicle for self-promotion by Gary Spedding.

On 23 February 2011, members of the QUB Palestine Solidarity Society deliberately disrupted a guest lecture at their university by a former member of the Israeli Parliament’s legal department, Solon Solomon. This incident was so violent that it went on to gain nationwide news coverage. However the initial report in the university’s own newspaper, The Gown was by far the most damning, as it was essentially a peer review of their behaviour.

According to The Gown, Solomon had been invited by Sally Wheeler, head of the School of Law, to deliver an academic lecture on international law.  However, the PSS members heckled Solomon so loudly, with chants of cheerio, cheerio, being the most polite, that after only seven minutes the lecture was brought to a close.  Members of the panel were then taken to another part of the building by security staff, for their own protection.

After disrupting the lecture members of the PSS gathered outside and tried to block the car that was trying to take Solon Solomon away.  Some students hit the car and tried to stop it, but security staff managed to clear a route for the car.

According to the report in The Gown, Gary Spedding said, ‘I didn’t sanction anyone to hit the taxi, I didn’t sanction anyone to stop the taxi, my society doesn’t condone violence.’  ‘He also said that he didn’t necessarily disagree with it at the same time.’


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