Part 2: Gary, Gary, Who The Fuck Is Gary?

Following on from part 1, we examine Gary Speeding’s links with antisemites.

Islamist Antisemites

Sami B Awad, is the Executive Director and Founder of Holy Land Trust, the group that Gary has so often boasted of working for. Awad is on record stating that non-violent demonstrations are ‘not a substitute for the armed struggle. This is not a method for normalization with the occupation. Our goal is to revive the popular resistance until every person is involved in dismantling the occupation.’

Spedding and Awad both staunchly defended Raed Salah and his medieval blood libel. In 2007 Salah stated during a sermon that the blood of Palestinian children was used by Jews to bake ‘holy bread.’

Most worryingly of all though, Gary Spedding seems to have been so much in thrall to Sami Awad, he has this to say about him, ‘Sami you have taught me so much and I hope that I have represented you in a good way in my writings, you are a light to me in this time much as Jesus Christ is a light for all of us! … My deepest love goes out to you, my thanks and appreciation nothing can really substantiate in words what you mean to the people here or what you mean to me!’ He responded to the publication of these facts about his friends with this statement.


He describes the three terrorist supporting, antisemitic fanatics, Sami Awad, his friend Attalah Hanna, and their mutual friend, Raed Salah, as men of peace.

Christian Antisemites



Here we have Gary, at this point a second year Zoology student, giving legal advice to the infamous antisemite, Stephen Sizer. A man whose antisemitism was already very well known at the time of this conversation. Sizer was a long term friend of Gary’s hero Awad, so Spedding conveniently overlooks his his antisemitism.

Holocaust Deniers

The same goes for Ken O’Keefe. Being a Holocaust denier and vicious antisemite is seemingly no barrier to Gary looking to help you. He will even go to the trouble of contacting UK embassies to inform them of your plight, which would have been truly fabulous any time prior to 1922, when Ireland was still part of UK.


However, given that Gary, also self-describes as a born-again Palestinian Arab Orthodox Christian, complete with a Palestinian passport, his judgement is at best questionable.





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