Part 3: Gary, Gary, Who The Fuck Is Gary?

Following on from part 2, we further examine the antisemitism by self proclaimed antisemitism guru Gary Spedding.

Antisemitic Tropes

Questionable judgement is no excuse for his deployment of revolting antisemitic tropes. He does this with alarming regularity, but seems to think that claiming to fight antisemitism somehow annuls his own antisemitism. A particularly clear example of this occurred back in 2014, when he wrote this blog post, to defend his beloved BDS.

This article is an instruction manual into how those involved in BDS, can stop BDS being labelled as a racist movement. He claims that BDS is ‘deliberately misrepresented’ and smeared by Israel supporters.

However, David Collier’s huge body evidence proves otherwise. It proves that the BDS movement is riddled with extreme antisemitism, and even Holocaust denial. It is therefore absolutely a racist movement.

Gary describes BDS as an ‘easy target’ for Israel supporters to use as a means of claiming victimhood. He completely absolves BDS of any wrong-doing. It is apparently just those cunning ‘Zionists’ making the BDS movement  look bad.

His answer to shut down criticism of BDS is not to be less racist. It is instead to attack those people who are courageous enough to expose the racism within his movement. He describes these brave people as the ‘hysterically insecure’ who are reliant upon the ‘language of fear.’ After advising people on how to dismiss accusations of antisemitism, he ironically goes on to state that antisemitism should never be dismissed.

He then promptly follows these statements up with an antisemitic conspiracy theory. The antisemitic trope of undue Jewish influence and power malevolently manipulating events: ‘outside powers by pro-Israel lobby’ and ‘involvement of the Israel embassy in Dublin’.

BDS & Israel ban

Spedding’s relationship with BDS has recently become even more interesting…

For someone who claims to be an expert in antisemitism, it is odd that Spedding is not only non-Jewish but was also deported from and (due to his history in inciting violence) banned for 10 years from the only Jewish state in the world – Israel.

He appears to be desperate to return to Israel in 2019, when his current ban is lifted. He often likes to claim that he is not in any way a BDS activist, but his words and actions always give him away.

Spedding describes Israel as ‘desperate’ and ‘screechy’ for choosing to refuse entry to those who, like him, who would gladly see her destroyed. Like all BDS activists, he seeks to exclude Israel, but complains when Israel excludes him.



Since the other participant in this conversation is a proud Israeli Zionist, it must be Spedding who is confessing to be the BDS activist.


Sometimes though, BDS just isn’t enough.


Like all good BDSers, Spedding would much prefer a Jeremy Corbyn led UK Labour government that would place trade sanctions on Israel.

Irish ‘expertise’

Not content with advocating for, and supporting, BDS in UK, Spedding does so in the Republic of Ireland, via Facebook, too.

Just as Spedding knows Judaism way better than Jews do, he also knows Irish politics far better than the Irish do…




Yes, you saw it right. Spedding, an Englishman, who was at the time studying for a postgraduate qualification at the University of Ulster, bullying and harassing a young Irish Trinity College student. He accused her of being an external agitator, intent on smearing and harassing BDS supporters, purely because she dares to think for herself.


This is an email that Gary sent to a young woman purely on the basis that she was a Jewish Zionist who had read and referred to news articles regarding his conduct that he found unflattering. At no point did she make any reference to Palestinians in her comments, yet he saw fit to label her a racist, a claim with absolutely no basis in reality. His email revealed him for the bully and dissembler he truly is, rather than the victim he’d like to be.

If he weren’t such a nasty aggressive bully, the irony of the situation, which is clearly lost on him, would be amusing. Just like every other time it passed him by too…

More of Spedding’s Bullying


This exchange is a thing of true beauty. Mark Lewis, the best defamation lawyer in UK, must be commended for this incredibly clever and witty exposé of Spedding’s true nature.

Here we see just how angry and desperate Gary gets when his intellectual superior refuses to bow down to his aggression and harassment. Name calling, personal abuse, slander, and worst of all, a malicious attempt to cost a man his job, purely on the basis that he supports Israel’s right to exist.

Also posts by Elder of Ziyon have proven both incredibly informative and troubling.

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